Achilles Tendon

from by Zophim Override

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Achilles Tendon


Achilles Tendon

She paints herself, a victim
I've sunk a fathom deeper
The accusations fly
I can't respond, though

I want to see it conclude
I've wasted all I've added
We choose to differ
and to cheat life out of it

Temptation hunger passes
I never hesitated
She took a bite
and the blood came rushing in

For this transgression I know
We're at the mercy of time
I'll tear it all
I'll pull the flesh right from the bone

Pulling it out, squeezing it off, I'm fighting it
Pulling it out, squeezing it off, I'm beating it
It doesn't matter, it never mattered
Push it off on someone

Pulling it out, squeezing it off, I'm fighting it
Pulling it out, squeezing it off, I'm beating it
I keep on pulling, and pulling it
Run straight home and tell on...

You, Nero, and I
Share the fear of sudden consequence
And as...
as it burns,
to watch
is a natural curiosity


I walked,
Down there

Silence gathers overhead
As the hours drift
I brace myself.

All glued back up
Picture perfect son
Doubt breaks the smile
Like an infant
Like it never occurred

Useless are we, Achilles tendon
We've run so hard, our movement only dissipates

Dejected are we, Achilles tendon
It's a stolen portion that empowers us

I never thought that it would end like that,
you see...
You built so much and then it all collapsed on you
There is no mercy in humility
There is no progress in the hollow ground

All stitched back up
Caught in perfect checkmate
Doubt breaks like frost
Like in autumn
Like it never occurred.

It found a beating heart, and
I let it in too fast
It shifts in phases, and it...
It has ensnared itself
You know when death and envy
are indivisible
It's wise to take what there is
It's all reciprocal

I left my home
In search of nomad sand
I've poured myself away

The priest will find
a psalm
conceived by no one
Poured myself away

I cut my ties
Concealed my face
I have
poured myself away


from ROTATOR, released September 11, 2016
Written and recorded by Zophim Override
Produced by David Pine



all rights reserved


Zophim Override Northampton, Massachusetts

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